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BMW Minnetonka


Minnetonka, MN


8,500 sq. ft.


Commercial construction involves more than just design and build. Sometimes it also requires being an advocate for our client. The Motorwerks BMW project in Minnetonka, MN was a project where R.J. Ryan's extra efforts to lobby the city to rezone a stretch of highway 394 made the difference in a successful outcome.

The Project at a Glance:
Industry: Automotive, Car Dealership
Company: Motorwerks BMW

Project's Key Challenges:

  • City of Minnetonka zoning restrictions on highway 394.
  • Site location was a filled site with layers of debris.
  • Swamp area with methane gas under the surface.
  • Requirements to limit the number of vehicles displayed outside the showroom.

Key Project Benefits:

  • The new facility incorporates a "Guinness Book of World Records" showroom.
  • The security benefit of storing the majority of inventory inside.
  • Having R.J. Ryan involved during the design and planning stage.
  • Deadlines and budgets were met.
The new dealership meets the fit and finish requirements of BMW while adding a significant benefit of being able to store the vast majority of inventory inside the building. All environmental issues were overcome to the satisfaction of the city, residents of the area, and BMW. The new showroom is functioning well and the project was a success.
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